Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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The following is fictional
I last wrote about my time in Koh Samui, Thailand. That was about three months ago. Since then, I’ve been back for more meditation at a monastery in Thailand. It was inspiring. The best thing that Thailand has to offer. In between, I drank. I partied like I have never before, in the best place to party in the world. Entire islands dedicated to drum and base, rave style parties. We danced all night on the beach and watched the sun come up. Swam in a green, glowing ocean. It was -just us-. The young people. The partiers. We owned the island. We ran the island. All night long. We fought off monkeys and found isolated beaches to play rugby on with coconuts. We drank until we puked and meditated the next day, then bounced cities to the other side of the country to find another island where the alcohol was even cheaper. Climbed palm trees to get coconuts and didn’t care about the wounds we got from it, even when we were sober again. We scored MDMA from people who couldn’t speak English. We took cocaine for the first time. We closed bars, went home with the managers and scored with girls we hardly new. Slept on the ceramic floor in brand new apartments that seemed abandoned, and dragged ourselves over to straw huts by the beach in the morning. We rode in the back of trucks. Worshipped the sun. Danced in the rain on the road and at concerts where we were the only people. Ran on the beach through the waves, and the rain and the sunset. Got seasick. Got homesick. Got over it and looked for another adventure. Met hundreds people we’d never talk to again and and handful friends who would remain with us forever. We looked for Nirvana. Found, love, companionship. Despair. We flew by the seat of our pants, not knowing if we were going to make it, not knowing where we would sleep or eat. And loved it. We dreamed. Wore flowers in our hair. Chasing along the edge of the cliff, we were alive. Life was fun, a blast. An adventure, a celebration of spirit. And just the beginning. We went to the other side of the world to find a new way of living. To rediscover the old ways and build some sort of hybrid, or something completely, utterly, new. To see stars we’d never seen before.To run and jump and play with animals we’d never met before. To swim in the ocean that we’d never see again. Love, James

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