Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Great Investigation

Hello Dear Readers,

It has struck me with great interest to know what you all think about the upcoming Valentine's Day.

In fact, I have taken to questioning people randomly on the street to determine public opinion on the matter, as Kirsten, from the UK can reliably attest :-).

Initially I intended to do a series of interviews in the laid back-tourist town of Queenstown, New Zealand. Unfortunately my time there has been cut short and I would like to use this opportunity to ask you, dear readers, what you think of the entire situation. Don't be shy, share it out.

I am especially interested in this because interviews to date have indicated that, contrary to what marketers would have you believe, many people think that the day is over-commercialized and that having a day "assigned" to caring about people is silly.

What do you think? If you like the day, what is your idea of a great Valentine's Day?