Friday, March 4, 2011

James and the Good Workers Vs. The Beast

In this classic tale of David and Goliath, James enters into the City of the House of Wood to battle for his freedom and sanity. Be warned, dear readers, that this tale is not for the faint of heart, the young or the easily corruptible. Prepare thineself for a true, blood-curdling tale of madness, robbery, corruption, lies and murder in a far off land.

Character list
The Beast - The State
The Good Workers - Nepal Permaculture Group
The Greedy - Corporation M

Day 1 (11th day of Falgun, 2067)- Journey Downwards

The plum trees are in full bloom and the honeybees are taking full advantage of their opportunity. The sun shines with its full cheerful gaiety upon the land, reflecting off the ripening wheat and warming the reclining cows. Children play in the street with simple toys and the farmers are working their fields. Such a calm and lovely scene is laid out before me, but I cannot stay here. Darker things call me away from such peace and plenty.

Today I journey alone to the City of the House of Wood, where The Beast resides. It is a region where dogs and men alike go mad like leaves falling from a tree. The air is not fit to breath, and the water not fit to drink. It is not a place fit for man nor beast. However, I have business there. I must ask The Beast for protection and pay tribute to avoid its wrath. To continue my travels and eventually return home I must travel through areas that The Beast controls, and I must negotiate an uneasy peace with it.

-later in the day-

I have left beauty, friends and work behind and endured my transport in a steel cage into the heart of the dark region. I am afraid but my heart remains stout. I have faith in goodness to protect me. In the next few days I must engage in a battle of wits and endurance with at least one hundred people who would gladly take my all and leave me starving and naked on the streets. Yet, these are only the minor demons whom lie in my path. They possess nothing like the power of The Beast, but are dangerous still. I have already encountered many of these minor devils on today’s travel. I have remained unscathed, at least with regard to material being. Among them, I escaped a shapeshifter pretending to be a student studying English. I have previously been injured by a similar one, but I am wiser now for it.

I have found shelter and food which, although insipid and poisonous in the long term, will keep me alive for now.

Day 2 - Depression

There is a shortage of water for the humans in this valley. In the dark of night people must clamber over each other to grab at the meagre flow that the Masters deliver to them. The Rich and Powerful take all they like with electric pumps while the Poor and Wretched must compete with each other for a trickle from the public tap.

I must find new shelter for tomorrow, although this place is physically secure I cannot sleep here. The Twin Demons of Incompetence and Ignorance torment me with loud machines during the time of no sun. I have brought defenses against such noise but it proves insufficient. I curse myself for not bringing a more powerful defense.

I am forcefully reminded that this City is not a good place for humans to reside. What madness brings men here? Depression knocks on my door.

Today the deputies of The Beast have tried to corrupt me with the trident of demands of bribery, threats and sweet offerings. They have refused me protection for my requested of 90 days, apparently to punish me for my allegiance to the Angels of Honesty and Truth. Instead, they have agreed to grant me 60 days of freedom in exchange for a great number of these tokens they so crave. This is better than their threat of only 30 days and I accept the outcome of this contest. I must return to their concrete sky-cave in 60 days and again brave the hazards of this region.

Today I endured the Den of The Beast with all limbs and sanity intact. I have found new shelter and prepare for maneuvers of the morrow.

Day 3 - Trickery and the Long Arms of Corruption

Things are going as well as I can hope for them to go, given the darkness in the world.

Yesterday I walked through the Valley of Death. I saw the heads of the dead and their bodies cut into pieces. The Flesh Eaters who reside here will consume the lives of others to keep themselves alive. I am not afraid because I know that my political connections prevent me from being a target of the Flesh Eaters.

Today I go North to exchange currencies and create a talisman for protection against The Beast.

Yesterday, at the House of the Good Workers I discovered that The Greedy and The Beast are acting together more closely than I thought. Their coordination means more danger for all of us.

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