Saturday, January 9, 2010


At the moment my dad and I are in Phuket, Thialand! Basically this island is famous for it's beautiful beaches. It's a holiday destination for tons of Europeans and right now is peak season. Mostly I'm using our stop here as an excuse to do some research for grad school and my future travels around the area.

The beaches here are super nice. I noticed what makes a "nice" beach is basically a dead beach. The less life, the more pleasant people seem to find it for swimming. There's lots of life offshore of course which makes for good snorkeling etc. But I wonder why there is so few crabs etc. on the beach. Maybe they are just run out of town by so many humans being around.

Like most big holiday destinations there are lots of resorts, and stuff like German restaurants. All the hotels and guest houses seem to be owned by Europeans or Americans. People seem to take their savings or their pension and just move here for good, setting up a little guest house or restaurant. And who can blame them? It's really nice here. And the cost of living is cheap, maybe half the price of living in most parts of europe or something. It's an expensive area compared to most of Thailand. The Thai government is getting a little tired of people doing that so it's getting harder to get long term visas apparently.

The Thia people are awesome. They are mostly buddhist and have a very friendly way about them.

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