Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok I actually didn't write much about Sadhana forest considering what an amazing place it is. But I've left all the wonderful veganism, hugging, laughter, singing and good work to join my sister and dad in Singapore for Christmas. I also left behind the flies, constant bustle during meal times, mouldy clothes, and mysterious persistent sickness. If I go back it will have to be at least for a month - they've changed the rules because so many people are showing up.

I also left behind the constant honking and temple music, dishonest rickshaw drivers, diesel polluted air, and people who constantly harrangue at you from their shops. Instead I now find myself before more familiar corporate advertisements in super sanitized Singapore.

Don't get me wrong though, in some ways Singapore is pretty awesome. The taxi drivers charge by the 385 meters and 45 seconds. But they run the meter and they are totally above board about things. The streets are quiet. The subway is quick, efficient, and easy. Things are generally cheaper than in Canada by about maybe 40% which just makes you feel like you're getting a good deal all the time. Everyone speaks English. Things are super clean! There are sidewalk cleaning machines that march around, people scrubbing the potted plant containers. It's kind of like one big shopping mall. You'd think this would bother me but at the moment it doesn't really. They have really nice flowers and trees around. We passed by this tree that has the prettiest pink and yellow flowers.

At night the Christmas lights hanging off trees are beautiful. The harbor is absolutely full of shipping tankers with all their lights on, waiting for their turn to dock I guess.

Today we toured around a bit just for fun. The three of us went to the National University of Singapore so Erika could pay for her residence fees. We took a bit of a walk around the University. There is a distinct, almost creepy lack of posters and political activity. I really wonder if that's because it's not allowed or because people genuinely feel content?

There's no particular culture here so I don't feel the need to look for it. In India I always felt I would like to seek traditional foods, and learn about traditional clothing etc. Here, it's just such a mish-mash you choose whatever pieces you feel like and run with it. We went for lunch at this sushi place. The food is served on a big conveyor belt. The kitchen makes apparently random dishes, and they flow out to you on this conveyor belt. Then you pick up whatever looks good off the belt. At the end they count the empty plates you have. You can order things from the waiter as well but we only got drinks that way.

More to come I guess: Singapore is a relaxing and interesting place with lots of internet access and I'm on holiday now, with no forest to build or food to farm at the moment.

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